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This section of the documentation treats about Google Account Generation.

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Description of the module

The Google Account Generator will start by opening up a browser and load the sign up page. It will then go and create the Google account through the register form. After successfully creating the account, it will head over to the settings page to perform the SMS verification step. The account will be successful after the SMS verification step. A important note, is to know that your accounts will get clipped, there's no way around it with google. Our strategy is to create the accounts, let them get clipped and run the Google Appeal Module and then after the Google Re-verification once they get appealed to get them verified once again. It's the most viable way to create google accounts!

How to create Tasks

STEP 1: Click on the + New Task Group button.

STEP 2: Create your Task Group:

  • Group Name - You can input any value, this is what your task group will be named.

  • Module - Generators

  • Website - Google

STEP 3: Click on the Create Tasks button.

STEP 4: Create your Tasks:

  • Google Account Generator

STEP 5: That's it! All you have to do is start your tasks & enjoy!


Verify Phone Number: This will SMS Verify your Google Accounts.

Common Errors

Failed To Get Phone Number: This error will occur because 1 of the 3 following reasons: 1. Make sure your API Key is properly connected in your API Keys section of the bot. 2. Make sure that you have enough balance in your API provider. 3. If #1 and #2 are clear, most likely the SMS Region you are attempting to use is out of stock on the website, try using a different SMS Region.

Stuck On Email Verification: This error will usually be related to your Email Verification settings not being connected or setup correctly. First of all, make sure that your catchall & IMAP settings are connect properly in your Catchall & IMAP tabs. Second of all, you have to understand that emails must be forwarded to your master email that is connected in your Catchall & IMAP tab. If you are using a catchall domain, make sure that your forwarding is setup correctly. If you are using an email list, make sure that your emails in your list are all forwarding emails to your master email account.

Browser Keeps Opening and Closing: This error will usually be related to your proxies not working the site. Make sure to head to the proxy tab, and press on test proxies to make sure your proxies are working!

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