What are Swish Credits?

This section of the documentation treats about the Swish Credits.

Swish Credit is a in-bot currency for modules such as the Nike account Generator. Some modules maybe require you to have Swish Credits to be able to run them.

How much do they cost?

Swish Credits are currently priced at $0.20 per Swish Credits, meaning that 10 Swish Credits is worth 2$.

How do they work?

Once a specific task is successful, it will debit x amount of Credits from your balance. Keep in mind, it will only debit if your task is fully successful.

How do I purchase Swish Credits?

STEP 1: Click on the button at the bottom left of your app.

STEP 2: Select the amount of credits you want to add & click on checkout.

STEP 3: Complete your checkout. Credits should be adding within a few seconds to your key.

Important note: Credits are binded to your Swish Tools Key and not Discord account.

Table of prices

ModulePricePrice per 1000

Nike Generator

1 Credit ~ 0.2$

1000 Credits ~ $200

Google Generator

1 Credit ~ 0.2$

1000 Credits ~ $200

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