Catchall & IMAP

This section of the documentation treats about the Catchall & IMAP tab in the Doc.

What is Catchall & IMAP?

The concept of catchall & IMAP is usually a hard one to understand for new users. The entire goal of Catchall & IMAP is so the bot can access your emails so it can perform actions. (E.g. You are trying to generate a amazon account, and it requires an email verification. The bot will then, go into your mail box, parse through the email and look for that amazon email that was sent to you, then it will catch the code and email verify your amazon account.) Now, you have to keep in mind you have to somehow find a way for emails to get forwarded to your master email account for the bot to catch those emails.

Few Concepts:

  • The Master Email: This is the email that receives all of the emails & that is connected in the Catchall & IMAP section of the Doc.

  • Catchall Domain: This is the domain (E.g. that will forward to your master email.

Using Email Lists

Like said in the Email Lists section of this guide, if you are using an email list, you have to make sure that those emails are forwarding all emails to your Master Email. (E.g. You have 10 freshly generated google accounts, you need to setup the forwarding to your master email (E.g. and connect that Master Email in the Catchall & IMAP section in the Doc.

VIEW: How to setup your Master Email For Different Mail Providers.


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