Card Groups

This section of the documentation treats about the Card Groups.

I've never heard about Card Groups, what are they?

Swish Tools introduces a first in this community with Card Groups. Instead of always re-inputting all of your card information while creating profiles, you can simply put them here and use them while creating profiles in the future.

How to create a Card Group (Regular Method)

STEP 2: Fill in your credit cards information

STEP 3: If you want to add more than one card, simply click on Add a New Card.

STEP 4: press on Create Cards.

  • This is the name that is shown on the credit card.

How to create a Card Group (Bulk Import)

STEP 2: Click on Import Cards & Select "Bulk Import".

STEP 3: Add your Cards here using the following format:


STEP 4: Following this format, you can add one card per line.

STEP 5: Click on Done.

That's it! You are ready to create profiles with these cards now!

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