Swish Tools

Mail Center

This section of the documentation treats about the Mail Centertab in the Doc.

What is the mail center & what is it used for?

The mail center is the ultimate tool to help you see emails from multiple accounts. This is a great tool for raffle botters as it will help you see quickly when a retailer sent you a checkout link from a raffle win! You can also use this to manage your emails or view emails sent from multiple master mails.

How to add your email accounts.

STEP 1: Click on the mail provider you want to add your email accounts from. You can chose from Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail.
STEP 2: Copy your email accounts into the text field.
STEP 3: Press on save.

Accepted email account formats.

  • Outlook: email:password
  • Yahoo: email:password:apppassword
  • Gmail: email:password:apppassword
You can view this video to see how to get app passwords for Yahoo or Gmail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiPEBFfc0IA (SKIP to 3:00 mins)

Advanced Settings

Click on the gear Icon at the top of the mail center to access this tab.
  • Fetch Delay (ms): Delay between each email fetch. Recommend: 1500
  • Number Of Days To Fetch: This is the number of emails that was sent to an email account in the past x days. Meaning that the bot will fetch the last emails that were received in the past x days.


Refetch All Mails: This is the button you will use to fetch all of your emails.
Link Button: This is the button you will use to see all of the links that are within an email.
Search Emails: Function to search keywords within all the mails.