Profiles & Jigging

This section of the documentation treats about the Profiles & Jigging.

What are Profiles & Why are they useful?

Profiles are an essential component when it comes down to botting. They allow you to transfer information to merchants without getting caught (while running multiple tasks on the same websites). In essence, the goal of profiles is to slightly modify your shipping & billing information, commonly called "Jigging" or "Jig". Also, creating tons of profiles on certain bots can be a pain, that's why creating them on Swish Tools is beneficial.

How to create Profiles

STEP 2: Fill in your Billing & Shipping Information

  • This is the first name that will appear & be used if a First Name field is required.

STEP 3: Select the Card Group you want your profiles to use.

STEP 4: Select how many profiles you want to create & the name of your profiles.

STEP5: Press on create profiles!

How to Jig Profiles

Now that you know how to create basic profiles, let's add a second layer to make your profiles completely undetectable.

While creating your profiles, you can use our expressions engine that is sitting next to the create profiles forms. At anytime you can input these expressions into the fields to generate random data.

ExpressionsWhat they will generate.Result


Random First Name



Random Last Name



Random Number between 1 and 10



Random Number between 1 and 23



4 Random Numbers



Random Letters between a and c



Random Capitalized Letters between A and T



5 Random Letters



Random Apartment Expression



Random Address Type Expression



Random Direction



Random Special Character


You can also use the profile simulation to see what your profiles will look like!

That's all you need to know about creating profiles! Congratulation, you're now a pro profile creator 🎉

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