Email Lists

This section of the documentation treats about the Email Lists tab in the Doc.

What is an Email List?

An email list is commonly used for account generation. Instead of using randomly generated credentials, you can set your own custom credentials using an email list. This usually comes useful into play when you want to create accounts on different websites with the same account credentials. (E.g. You just created google accounts and want to create Nike accounts with the name email address; you would then add your google accounts email in an email list, and use that email list for credentials while generating Nike accounts.)

Accepted Email Lists Formats:

  • Email:Password (It will use the same email and password)

  • Email (It will use the same email, but generate a random password)

Honorable Mention

You have to keep in mind, while using an email list, certain components needs to be met for certain modules. (E.g. You just created google accounts, and want to use an email list to create amazon accounts with those google accounts. Well, amazon requires a Email verification, meaning that you will need to forwarding your google accounts email's to your master email that is connected in the Catchall & IMAP section).

How to create an Email List

STEP 1: Click on + New Email Group.

STEP 2: Name your Email Group, and click on create.

STEP 3: Add your emails inside of the email group, and click on save.

That's it. You are read to use your email group in your tasks creation!

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